About your insurance

Extended Healthcare Program

Our services are covered by most extended health care plans. For your convenience, we can bill many of these companies directly. Some insurance companies require a doctors referral in order for you to be covered. Please check the details of your individual plan.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims (MVA)

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, your auto insurer will cover the cost of your treatment. Under the current legislation, most soft tissue injuries fall within the Minor injury guideline(MIG). This is a 12 week pre-approved program and they will pay up to $3500. In order to access this funding you must complete an Application for Benefits or OCF 1. This will be provided to you by your insurer. Under the current legislation all treatment costs must be submitted to your extended health carrier first. The auto insurer will then fund the remaining balance.

At Physio Plus we are very experienced with treating MVA clients. We are a preferred provider for many insurers. This means your insurer may refer you to us directly. The stress of being involved in a MVA can be overwhelming. Our admin staff is very knowledgeable on the auto insurance process and will assist you with your application.

For those who require additional stress management or coping strategies, we have on site psychological services provided by Jett Psychological Services.

Workplace Injuries (WSIB)

If you are injured at work, WSIB may cover the cost of your treatment. In order to obtain funding approval, you will need to establish a WSIB claim. This is done by reporting your injury to your supervisor and seeing a health professional who will complete a Form 8. The worker will also need to complete a Form 7 (Workers report of injury). You can download this form from the WSIB website. Once your claim has been approved, we will obtain funding approval from WSIB. We will also communicate with your employer and WSIB regarding appropriate modified duties while you are recovering. Your treatment costs will be billed directly to WSIB. Clients should be aware that not all workplaces are required to be covered by WSIB.

Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA)

Physiotherapy is often funded through DVA. We will contact them directly to obtain authorization for treatment. Treatment costs are billed directly to DVA.

Disability Insurer

If you have disability insurance, they may provide funding for treatment. You will need to speak to your case manager.

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